When most people are asked about their dreams owning a home is often at the very top of that list. If you have chosen to work toward your goal, at ListingKey we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

All of our agents are local, knowledgeable, experts who have your best interests at heart and have built a career on things that can not be counted with numbers; smiles, satisfaction and fulfilled dreams. Our Buyer Specialists take dedication a step further by specializing in helping you.

Education is our cornerstone. With both in person and online classes, step by step help and explanation and guided tutorials at every step we intend to arm not just our clients but all buyers everywhere with what they need to succeed.

The ListingKey Advantage

Advantage to search by personal priorities

  • Save your favorite properties and your agent has a direct link to assist you.
  • All documents are provided digitally for review and signature using our secure solution.
  • Complete guide and step by step educational components.
  • Online and in-person classes.
  • Buyer Guide ebook.
  • Full team support.

Buyers who work with ListingKey get the Complete Package

  • A team of vendors who offer discounts exclusive to ListingKey for all of your purchasing and new home needs including locksmith, plumber, contractor, painter and security professionals.
  • Lending Partners - no application fees.
  • Moving Partners with deep discounts.
  • Home Repair and inspection Specialists.
  • $400 off home security installation.
  • Free solar panel evaluation.
  • Full details available from your dedicated team agent.


ListingKey saves you money and maximizes profits without sacrificing service & quality



ListingKey Financial Advantage provides cash
rebates up to


ListingKey gives you up to 2% cash back in
commissions while traditional listing fees
would be $22000


ListingKey Financial Advantage
provides cash rebates up to


Traditional companies do not give cash
back at closing. We share our side with you.

The ListingKey, savings presented is only an estimate and is not available where prohibited by law. Refund is subject to lender approval and minimum commission requirement. Please see full terms and conditions.